Culture, design and arts in Raseborg

Raseborg has an unusually rich and vibrant cultural life. A variety of associations, organizations and volunteers make a great effort to offer interesting and high-quality events and exhibitions all year round. During the summertime the cultural scene is a little bit livelier, but various organizations plan events throughout the year. Visit for a weekend, and experience a vibrant cultural life in a small-town atmosphere.

Culture thrives in Raseborg, and the amount of our cultural events rises every year. Here are a few tips on Raseborg’s annual cultural events. Remember to check our events calendar and our Facebook page for the most recent and relevant updates on all kinds of cultural events!

Art: crafts, design and exhibitions

Many artists have settled in Raseborg for its inspiring and peaceful environment. Their works and products can be bought in various neighbourhoods and villages, as well as in their own workshops and studios. But be sure to check opening times or call before you visit – the artists sometimes go out in search of inspiration. All sorts of products are available, including fabrics and clothing, jewellery, bags, rugs, scented candles, etc. For more information and contact details, see the crafts -category.

Handicrafts, Finnish design products, quality exhibitions and a wide range of events at Fiskars Village – Fiskars has a number of craft boutiques and is nationally known as a home for craftsmen and artists.

Handicrafts and sewing in Ekenäs e.g. Liia Jewellery and Hennas sewing studio. Tammisaari is home to a number of artists and designers whose products can be bought in Fiskars and in some cases from online shops. On the town’s promenade you can also find, for example, Werner Framing and Gallery, which makes handcrafted picture frames.

The galleries Culturecenter Fokus in Karjaa and the galleries Perspektiivi, Lilla Galleriet and Elverket in Tammisaari.

Building pharmacy specializing in renovation and restoration in Billnäs

Charming retro-style movie theaters Bio Forum in Ekenäs and Bio Pallas in,

Events, festivals and markets

Ekeäs Film Festival in March offers high quality Nordic films at Bio Forum and Culture House Karelia.

The super-popular Antiques Days at both Fiskars and Billnäs ruuks attract thousands of visitors in July. The ruuks are located close to each other, so you can visit both events to make some great finds. See more about Fiskars Antique Days and Billnäs Heritage and Antique Days.

Diverse cultural houses, Kulttuuritalo Karelia in Ekenäs, and Tryckeriteatern Theatre in Karis.,

Swedish-speaking Raseborgs Sommarteater – language immersion in the form of musicals in the ruins of Raseborg Castle for 50 years –

Summer theatres Teatteri Valimo in Fiskars and Teatteri Provinssi in Svårta.

The artist Helene Schjerfbeck’s anniversary will be celebrated with a variety of events:

Ekenä’s classical summer concerts have already established a firm place in Raseborg’s summer music programme. The themes of the concerts change every year. The festival’s artistic director Jukka-Pekka Saraste and the Finnish Chamber Orchestra offer an enjoyable musical experience with high-quality concerts.

Open studios throughout Raseborg at Konstrundan: you can visit the artists’ studios and get to know their works and working methods.

The Karis Book Bazaar is an annual literary event. The programme includes pop-up events, poetry, interviews with authors, etc. 

Swedish-language literary festival Bokkalaset in Ekenäs: interesting people, interviews, children’s programme, workshops, evenings, etc. The event offers a great language and cultural experience in one package.

The traditional Ekenäs Autumn Market attracts around 25 000 visitors every year, making it one of the largest market events in Finland. The market has been held for over 280 years and offers delicacies, two carnivals, handicrafts and a fun programme for the whole family. The event takes place at the Tammisaari market square, right next to the swimming pool.

For food lovers, ,Raseborg’s second super event, the Slow Food Festival at Fiskars Village, is on the agenda. Launched by the Slowfood Västnyland association, the big event gathers local food lovers for a two-day event every year in early October. The event features a wide range of high-quality local and artisan products and a varied programme.