Bromarv – Village of the Year in Uusimaa 2022

The winner of the Village of the Year in Uusimaa 2022 -competition is Bromarv from Raseborg.

The small village, in the westernmost part of Raseborg, was named the winner of the competition of the Village of the Year in Uusimaa 2022.

The aim of the competition is to highlight the villages’ versatile activities and to share good examples with others of how villages can develop and do things.

Bromarv, with its approximately 400 inhabitants, has an active and diverse association life and a large part of the leisure activities are maintained by associations. In other words, in Bromarv the co-operation is valued, and the villagers do a lot of voluntary work to develop their village.

“We work together, we pull in the same direction, regardless of whether it is villagers, companies, neighbors or school children,” it says in the village’s competition application.

Of the eight finalists in the competition, two came from Raseborg: Pojo and Bromarv. The two villages from Raseborg did well in the competition where Bromarv was awarded as the winner and Pojo church village with the competition’s honorable mention.