The new Treasure Map will guide you through Raseborg!

Raseborg’s treasure map, a new retro style guide to all that Raseborg has to offer, will be your best friend along your trip. Find yours and get ready for an adventure!

Raseborg’s tourist services have during this spring developed new concepts and collaboration projects in order to boost domestic tourism. Our tourism secretary Martina Rosenqvist and Anni Pöyhtäri, a graphic designer from Karis, have together designed the handy pocket-size map of Raseborg. The map was published right after Midsummer. The idea originally came from Rosenqvist, who felt that the older brochures were getting old-fashioned and had a negative environmental impact.

Maps have been a popular tourist product for a long time, especially in a city as geographically extensive as Raseborg. This new map brings together a comprehensive picture of the area, with of course a broad list of the services our cities offer. On the map you’ll also find our cities and villages, sights, beaches, biking routes and guest harbors.

The goal from the beginning was to develop a map so beautiful it would be nice to look at even hung up on a wall. The map should also be handy and easy for the user. Inspiration for the retro-styled looks came from the love for old maps, and of course the will to capture the beautiful hometown at its best.

Locally produced map of Raseborg

The map has been produced almost entirely by local businesses. In addition to this project, the tourist office collaborates this summer with several other local young entrepreneurs. The local Instagrammer Nina Sointu handles both Visit Raseborg’s and Raseborg town’s Instagram accounts during the summer and brings with her a fresh point of view as a newly moved local. The young filmmaker Nooah Riijärvi will be producing nine videos picturing Raseborg’s villages and towns, two introducing the rich world of local food producers, and two showing the nature wonders of Raseborg.

The map is now being handed out in our information points, restaurants, guest harbors and cafés.

If you want to get a sneak peek on the map itself, look at the pdf-file below, where you can see all the nice details of the illustrations. If you want the whole experience, we suggest you pick up the printed map somewhere from Raseborg.