The best sunset places in Raseborg

The best places in Raseborg to admire magical sunsets from sea or from land.

Is there anything as wonderful as watching the sunset with your family, friends, partner or just by yourself! In this article we have listed the best places to watch the sunset in Raseborg – according to our followers on Instagram.

From the Padva beach in the village of Bromarv, you can watch the sunset beautifully on the horizon while easing your feet in the sea water or on the beach sand.

You can walk to the top of Påminne ski center, a hillside resort at the bottom, to admire the sunset. Påminne’s longest slope rises to 550 metres, making it the southernmost slope center in Finland. Sunsets can be admired all year round from Påminne’s slope.

From the peaceful and small sandy beach of Bastsjö in Karis you can watch the sunset after a wonderful day at the beach.

If you have a boat, you can head for the island of Västerudden in Jussarö, where you can watch the sun fall to the horizon, creating a magical painting in the sky.

On the cliffs of Högholmen in Ekenäs you will find an unrivalled sunset spot. The cliffs are also convenient for swimming and the beautiful green areas of Ramsholmen and Högholmen are ideal for walking, jogging and cycling.

“Sunsets are beautiful, powerful and proof that the endings can be beautiful too”