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Summer Events in Raseborg

Discover versatile Raseborg this summer and visit a lovely summer event in our cosy small towns and villages! We have gathered the best bits for you, pick your favourites and take a brake in Raseborg.

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Events in Ekenäs

4.6.-27.8. Troubadours in Café Gamla stan, Ekenäs Old Town. Tuesdays at 14, 16 and 18.
26.6.-31.7. Guided walks in Ekenäs Old Town, Wednesdays at 11.
3.7.-24.7. Lunch music in Ekenäs Church on Wednesdays at 12:30.
4.7.-4.8. Workshops for children, young people and families. Thursday-Sunday at 13-15. Café Wilda.
5.7. Santa Fe Summer Party. Bar & Restaurant Santa Fe.
6.7. Old Firetrucks Day. Ekenäs center, Stallörsparken.
6.7. City Fleamarket, Kungsgatan.
10.7. Helene Schjerfbeck’s birthday. Ekta museum at 12-16, free entry. A cappella group SixNotes at 12. Painting workshops and letter reading.
31.7.-4.8. Ekenäs Summer Concerts 20th anniversary.
10.8. Samba festival at summer restaurant Knipan.
10.8. A tribute to Ted Gärdestad. Restaurant GH Fyren.
11.8. Tribute to Nat King Cole – Sofia Finnilä & Combo musicians. Ekta museumyard at 17-19.
17.8. CityOutlet, Kungsgatan.

Ekenas-Tammisaari photo Kjell Svenskberg

Ekenäs Classical Summer Concerts 20th anniversary

Ekenäs Summer Concerts celebrate 20 years. The concerts take place in Ekenäs church, but this year a concert is also held in Fiskars old knife factory. The following artists will take the stage together with the Finnish Chamber Orchestra and the festival’s artistic director Jukka-Pekka Saraste: pianists Iiro Rantala and Olli Mustonen and mezzosoprano Virpi Räisänen. Musicians from the Youth Academy of Finland’s Chamber Orchestra will also play an important role this summer. The program includes works by Mozart, Schubert, Benjamin Britten and Joseph Martin Kraus. Read more at

31.7. Ekenäs Church at 19. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Iiro Rantala piano.
1.8. Ekenäs Church at 15. Open doors. A teaser of the festival’s program.
1.8. Ekenäs Church at 19. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Franz Schubert. Olli Mustonen piano.
2.8. Ekenäs Church at 19. Benjamin Britten, Sebastian Hill, Joseph Martin Kraus. Virpi Räisänen mezzosoprano.
3.8. Fiskars Old Knife Factory at 18. Ludvig van Beethoven. Virva Puumala soprano, Virpi Räisänen mezzosoprano, Christian Juslin tenor, Jaakko Kortekanga’s baritone, The Music House choir.
4.8. Ekenäs Church at 10. Bilingual music service (in Finnish and Swedish).

Events in Fiskars Village and Billnäs

Fiskars Village, photo Ahmed Alalousi

14.6. Dinner in Art. Fiskars Village.
19.5.-15.9. Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale, art and design exhibition in Fiskars Mill, with works by about 60 international players and approx. 40 parallel program points.
19.5.-15.9. FACTORY – Summer exhibition in Kuparipaja, Fiskars Village.
15.6. Classical summer concert – Sibelius, Debussy and Grieg. The gathering room, Fiskars Village.
28.-29.6. Children’s creative workshops. Fiskars Village.
29.6 Mike Keen’s Summer Supper Club. Ägräs Distillery, Fiskars.
4.-7.7. Fiskars Antique Days.
4.-7.7. Billnäs Tradition and Antique Days.
3.8. Ekenäs Summer Concerts 20 years in Fiskars Old Knife Factory, Beethoven’s 9 symphony.
10.8. Fiskars Village Gravel grinder. Bike event in Fiskars Village.
24.-25.8. Earth’s flavors – locally produced food market in Fiskars Village.

Events in Karis and Pojo

21.6. Traditional Midsummer’s Eve Dance at Gumnäs, Pojo.
29.6. Raseborg Festival in Karis with Europe, Lisa Ekdahl, Popeda and Michael Monroe.
30.6. Dog show for all breeds. Sisu Arena, Karis.
26.7. Karis Night. Concerts in Karis Church and the Old Fire Station.
26.-28.7. Faces Festival, Karis centre.
3.8. Karis Suomen Paris, open doors in Karis.

Events by Raseborg medieval castle

Raseborgs slott - foto Kjell Svenskberg ,

21.6. Midsummer celebrations at Raseborg Castle at 15-18.
27.6.-4.8. Raseborg Summer Theatre
– Jorden runt på 80 dagar (swe).
29.6.-4.8. Guided tours of the Castle, Saturday-Sunday multilingual tours.
5.7. Bach concert in the Castle.
3.8. Snappertuna Day, pirate theme, outside the Castle.
3.8. SnapperTUNA ROCKS in the Castle.

Events in Svartå Manor

Visit Raseborg -Svartå Slott - Mustion Linna- Mustio Manor

1.6.-1.9. Guided tours in the Old Manor.
7.6.-24.8. Summer theatre Sista patronen (swe).
15.6. Svartå Day. Thorsborg.
4.7.-10.8. Summer theatre Vadelmavenepakolainen (fin).
21.7. Crawfish season opening at Slottskrogen.

Events in Bromarv and Tenala

Visit Raseborg - Bromarv village - photo: Johan Ljungqvist

21.6. Traditional Midsummer Pole raising in Bromarv harbour at 12.
29.6. Bromarf Night. Summer market at 8.30-13. Evening dance at 20.
4.7.-4.8. Family musical Pinocchio (swe). Outdoor theatre in Tenala.
16.6. Chainsaw Sculptor Mikko Virkkula in Finbygränd Agricultural museum, Tenala, at 13-17.
27.7. Tenala Day
, program for the whole family at 9-16.

Events in the Archipelago of Raseborg

Visit Rasebrog - paddling Ekenäs - photo Johan Ljungqvist

3.6.-24.8. Kayak Paddle Trips in Ekenäs Archipelago, Gullö-Källviken, Raseborg Castle.
21.6.-10.8. Cruises with Restaurant Ship M/S Sunnan II
, North Harbour, Ekenäs.
6.7. Sommarö Night at Skåldö. Susanne Sonntag Band.
13.7. Skåldö day 10th anniversary. Sommaröstrand at 10-14.

Autumn Events in Raseborg

7.9. Raseborg Pride. Stallörsparken, Ekenäs.
7.9. Dinner in Art. Fiskars Village.
7.-8.9. Charcoal weekend in Malmbacka, Snappertuna.
14.9. Autumn concert in Fiskars Village.
19.-21.9. Ekenäs Autumn Market, Ekenäs.
28.9. Bikes, Burgers & Beers, Fiskars Village.
29.9. Funduro Cup #4 Påminne. Mountainbike-competition.
5.-6.10. Slow Food Festival – locally produced food
, Fiskars Village.
26.10.-23.11. TuliValo, light art in Fiskars.

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