Summer art exhibitions

The art museum Chappe has finally opened in Tammisaari! Did you know there are several other art exhibitions to explore this summer in Raasepori? Here is a list of them.


This year’s summer exhibition by Onoma, the cooperative of artists, designers and artisans in Fiskars is called Arts & Crafts and Rabbit Holes and it will display bold and candid artworks by 48 artists. The theme of the exhibition will be around warped aspects of reality, where everyday life and objects will present themselves in a new and intriguing manner.


The opening exhibitions of Chappe – The house of art by the sea honouring the memory of the museum’s donor, Professor of Human Genetics Albert de la Chapelle (1933–2020), Climate Art – Alternative Approaches highlights environmental values and sustainable development, Barösund 1870 -> 2023 is the beginning of a series where modern artists look at the Albert de la Chapelle Art Collection and the exhibition Amazing and Magical! A tale of the birth of Chappe displays the life of Albert de la Chapelle and the birth and construction of Chappe.


At the Centre of Well-Being in Knipnäs, Tammisaari, you will during summer 2023 have the opportunity to admire the works of art professor Riitta Nelimarkka. In addition to Nelimarkka, the exhibition includes over 20 other artists and dozens of artworks. The opening reception is 1.6.2023 at 16-19. Nelimarkka’s art is characterized by a vibrant and fearless use of color, movement, playfulness, abstraction, and humor.


At the KWUM ceramics museum in Fiskars village you can take part in the Raija Tuumi 100 anniversary exhibition and admire her most meaningful work. The summer exhibition also features The Many Faces of Ceramics by Matias Karsikas, a collaborative effort between Karin Widnäs and the John Nurminen Foundation Magic Islands which draws inspiration from the Baltic Sea, as they share a common desire to save it, and an exhibition by Sinawi Group. The group consists of 17 korean female creamics who are connected by their untraditional view of ceramic art.


Luckan Raseborg presents: Students from the handicraft club Hantverkskompisar at Höjden School in Tenala exhibit their works at Gallery Promenade from 25th May to 30th June 2023.

Artists Minka Kailu and Aalo Kailu, mother and daughter, have created an exhibition together that portrays the journey from childhood to adulthood. The exhibition will be held at Gallery Centrum 2.6-31.8.2023.

Exhibition at Fenix in Fokustalo, Karjaa, 7th June to 31st July 2023. Tammisaari Art Association and Karjaa Art Association are organizing a joint summer exhibition. Opening reception is on Tuesday, 6th June at 5:00 PM.

Sari Raikaslehto’s exhibition titled Me, Myself & I will be held at Gallery Promenade 1.7-31.7.2023.


Kevin Stewart and Pertti Tuunanen’s exhibition Trash till Treasure will be held att Gallery Perspective (Raaseporintie 8/Tammisaari library) 2.6-30.6.2023. The opening reception is 5.6.2023.

Maria Meller is holding her anniversary exhibition of decorative paintings, 20 Years of Painting and Knee Pads, at Gallery Perspektivet from 3.7-30.7.2023.


On June 16th the exhibition O.S.A. R.S.V.P. of contemporary art at Gallery Elverket invites a variety of audiences to come face to face with art. The exhibition explores the significance of encounters in the art experience. The title O.S.A. R.S.V.P. is a dual invitation to different audiences. Juha-Heikki Tihinen and Kia Orama are the curators of the exhibition, and the featured artists are Cecilia Cissi Hultman (SWE), Marika Orenius (FI), Restlessminds (Fabian Olovson & Linda Emmy Al-Ghussein, SWE) och Joel Slotte (FI).


From July 14th to August 13th, a summer exhibition will open at the Munsterhjelm Art Center in Snappertuna. The exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to experience Minna Floman’s mosaics and artworks by Riggert Munsterhjelm and the famous artist Peter Stenius (1922-2014).

Have a look in the Raseborg Event Guide to keep track of all art exhibitions and other events in the area.