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Summer activities in Raseborg: cruises, guided tours, nature experiences, cycling and culture.

In Raseborg you can enjoy a great variety of activities in summer. Go on a guide tour, see the archipelago on a cruise, roam in our versatile nature. If you prefer cultural activities, you can visit art exhibitions and museums. Here is a list of our best tips, choose one or many!


Explore Raseborg’s beautiful archipelago with a cruise!

Cruise to the old mining island Jussarö, Wednesdays 26.6.-7.8. at 11-16:30. The waterbus M/S Myggen III leaves from the Northern harbor of Ekenäs. Price: 30 €/person, partway ticket 15 €/person, children under 10 free of charge.
Cruise to Rödjan an old fisherman’s home on Älgö, Fridays 28.6.-2.8. at 11-14:15. The waterbus M/S Myggen III leaves from the Northern harbor of Ekenäs. Price: 20 €/person, children under 10 free of charge.
Boat trip to Dagmarskällan in Dagmarsparken, Tuesdays 16.7.-6.8. at 16-17: 30. The waterbus M/S Myggen III, the Northern harbor in Ekenäs. Price: 12 €/person, under 10 year olds free.
Binding bookings to Jussarö, Rödjan and Dagmar cruises: Raseborg Tourist Information tel. +358 19 289 2010,
Weather reservation. Minimum 4 passengers.
Weather reservation. Minimum 4 passengers.

Theme cruises with the restaurantship m/s Sunnan II, 21.6.-10.8. North harbor in Ekenäs. Reservations and information: tel. +358 19 241 1850,

Guided tours

Learn about Raseborg’s rich history and see interesting sights through a guided tour.

Helene Schjerfbeck guiding. Walk in the artist Helene Schjerfbeck’s footprint in Ekenäs.
Dramatized guided tour:
Ekta museum’s guided tours:

Visit Raseborg - guided tours

Old Town in Ekenäs, Wednesdays in July at 11 starting from the City Hall Square in Ekenäs. No pre-booking required. 8 €/person.

Guide-Matti. Boat trips in the Ekenäs archipelago national park for small groups of 1-5 people. Fishing trips for 1-2 persons. Nature excursions to Grabbskog recreation area. Guiding for groups in Ekenäs and Fiskars, in Finnish and English.

Guided walks in Karis. History, archeology and ornithology in the same package within walking distance. The guide is Göran Fagerstedt.

Guided day trip via Billnäs and Fiskars Mill to Rilax farm, lunch included.

The King’s Road – guided tour. Sightseeing tour along the western part of southern Finland, along the King’s Road, via five historic ironworks. Lunch can be included. In Finnish or English.

History and present day – guided tour of Fiskars. The history of the mill, the most important sights and the craftsmen, designers and artists who now live and work in Fiskars.

Visit Fiskars three beverage producers Ägräs Distillery, Fiskars Brewery and Kuura Cider on the award winning Three Producers -tour.

Svartå Manor. Get acquainted with the over 200 year old castle through a guided tour. The guide can put focus on special interests like furniture, paintings, family history or ghost stories and anecdotes. The tour in the manor is offered in Swedish and Finnish. English, Russian or German is arranged by agreement.

Guided tours at Raseborg Castle, Wednesdays 29.6.-4.8. at 12:00 and 14:00 in Finnish, Saturdays and Sundays at 12:00 and 14:00 multilingual guided tours (Finnish, Swedish, English).

More information about guided tours in Raseborg:,

Interactive activities and exercise

Try an interactive and experience-oriented activity in Raseborg’s exciting and beautiful scenery, or try different exercise forms outdoors outdoors in a beautiful summer day. More about Raseborg’s exercise and sports activities at

Bug Safari, by Raseborg Castle. By using hand nets, microscopes, terraria and books, the participants get familiar with insects and other small animals. Every other Sunday between 16.6. and 11.8. Can also be booked other times via

Wild Edible Plants, by Raseborg Castle. A nature walk with a presentation of about 20 wild edible plant species and serving of small prepared tastings. Every other Sunday between 23.6. and 4.8. Can also be booked other times via

Crossnature outdoor experience. Crossnature in the forest, strength and interval training and moving in nature.

Experience walk at Ramsholmen. Experience one of Finland’s most diverse areas. During the walk you will hear interesting details about the area’s history as well as about the plant and wildlife in the area. Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:00-12:30 and 13:00-15:30.

Forest hike in Ekenäs. Hiking in beautiful forest environment outside Ekenäs, where the participants travel with a shared bus transport from Naturum in Ekenäs. During the hike, the nature and history of the area are presented. The tour ends at a wind shelter at a lake with a simple lunch. Thursdays and Sundays at 10:00 to 14:00.,

Bike tour by electric bike to Hanko. Get acquainted with nature, culture and history in a new way through an electric bike ride from Ekenäs to Hanko. During the tour you will hear about the area’s nature and history, pause at interesting and scenic places and enjoy lunch with a sea view. Saturdays at 10:00-16:00.

Archipelago Activities. Experience activities in nature. Full moon kayaking trip, A feel good day in nature, Cooking in nature and Tree climbing etc.

Fishing trips. For those who are interested in fishing, there are several options for getting out to sea on a fishing trip together with experienced fishing guides. More about archipelago activities at

Paddling. Try paddling for the first time or master the kayak in new, more challenging conditions. There are also several possibilities for stand-up paddling in both Bromarv, Fiskars Village, Svartå and Ekenäs. Paddling services are collected at

KD Adventure. KD Adventure offers services in experience tourism with everything from paintball, kayaking as well as canoeing, and rock climbing adventures and catering.

Påminne Downhill Car Racing. Take a group of friends and compete for who goes down the hill the fastest. Påminne is in Åminnefors in Pojo.

Golf, minigolf and frisbee golf. Raseborg’s well-managed golf courses are popular visiting places for eager golfers. Frisbeegolf is also a well-known activity in Raseborg, which can be seen in the many frisbee golf courses in almost every town within Raseborg. In addition, the Ekenäs mini golf course is open during the summer for anyone who wants to play a round and at the same time enjoy splendid sea and beach views. More at

Galleries and museums

You can experience the Raseborg’s versatile art range through a visit to galleries and museums. Perfect activity for a rainy summer day.


EKTA museum, Gustav Wasas gata 11. Permanent exhibition about Helene Schjerfbecks life and art, and Raseborg Through the Ages et. al.
Gallery Elverket, Gustav Wasas gata 11.
Gallery Perspektivet, Raseborgsvägen 8.
Lilla galleriet, Gustav Wasas gata 7. Facebook: lillagallerietekenas
Gallery & Framework W.Werner Kungsgatan 11. Facebook: abwwerneroy

Fiskars Village

Onoma’s Summer Exhibition Factory in Kopparsmedjan, Fiskars Village.,
Fiskars museum, Åkerraden 13. Life in Fiskars Village and varying theme exhibitions.


Gallery Zebra, Fotocentrum Raseborg, Köpmansgatan 9.
Gallery Fokus, Centralgatan 90.


Skarpkulla museum, Skarpkullavägen 301, Pojo.


Raseborg Castle. Raseborgs Slottsväg 110.
Forngården museum, Tunalundsvägen 85.


Svartå Manor museum, Hållsnäsvägen 89.

Cycling routes

Raseborg is a very extensive municipality. A great way to get acquainted with the area, is to jump up in the bike saddle! More tips for cycling trips:

Banvallen. Cycle, ride by horse or walk the 11.3 km long newly renopened outdoor trail that connects Billnäs, Åminnefors, Skuru and Fiskars. More about the trail from the Tourist Information.

The Coastal Route. Enjoy fantastic archipelago and cultural landscapes by bike – cycle the new beautiful Coastal Route! The 170-200 kilometer-long cycle route connects Hanko in Uusimaa with Kimito Island in Southwest Finland via a ferry. From there, the glorious journey to Salo and back to Ekenäs via Tenala and through Fiskars & Billnäs villages continues. Read more about the Coastal Route.

Summer Buses


In summer 2019, Friman Matkat organize shuttle bus service between Helsinki and Fiskars on Saturdays from 6.6.-15.8. (not 20.6.). Buses depart at 10:30 from Kiasma bus stop in Helsinki and the bus back from Fiskars to Helsinki leaves at 16:00.
Tickets: adults 35 €, students and pensioners 25 €, children 4-17 years 17,50 €.
Additional information and reservations:

Karis-Raseborg Castle-Karis

Now it is possible to get to Raseborg Castle also without own car. The transport between Raseborg Castle and Karis railway station is organized on Wednesdays and weekends in June and July 2019. The timetables are planned according to timetables of the trains so that passengers from Turku and Helsinki can use the transportservice. In July one can also make it to the guided tour of the castle, which begins at 14:00.
Start from Karis railway station Taxi-parking at 12:40. Return from Raseborg Castle to Karis railway station leaves at 16:00 (on Sundays also at 19:00).
Tickets: 20€/adults, 10 €/children.

Locally-produced & delicious – Raseborg’s Markets

Bromarv harbour, Lillnäsv. 1. May–September. Sat. at 8:30–13, June–August also Fri. at 15–18.
Ekenäs, Rådhustorget, City Hall Square, all year round on Wed. and Sat. at 7–14.
Evening Market 4.6.-6.8. in Stallörsparken Tuesdays at 15–19.
Fiskars Village Market, May–September everyday at 9–18.
Karis, Köpmansgatan all year round on Wed. and Sat. at 7–14.
Pojo Market Square, a small-scale market on Fridays at 13–17.
Prästkulla, June–August, Sat. at 9–12.
Sandnäsudd, June–August, Sat. at 10–12:30.
Sommarö, June–August, Sat. at 10–13.
Tenala, May–September, Sat. at 8–12.
Trollshovda, June–August, Sat. at 9–11.

Summer theatre

A theatre visit is a great summer activity! The plays are in Swedish or Finnish, but can be enjoyed without knowing the language, for their musical and visual aspects.

Raseborg’s summer theatre. Located right next to the Raseborg Castle, is one of Finlands largest outdoor theatres, with over 1000 permanent seats. In the summer of 2019, Raseborg’s summer theater presents the Earth around 80 days, a fast-paced adventure that fits audiences of all ages. Play period: 27.6.-4.8.

Tenala museum’s outdoor theatre. The familymusical Pinocchio is playes in the lush and beautiful surroundings of Museigården. The music is written by a children’s music duo, Sås & Kopp, and performed by a 5-man orchestra. Play period: 4.7.-4.8.

Svartå Manor’s summer theatre. The summer theatre is located in the middle of Svartå Manor’s beautiful park in the shade of verdant trees. During the summer of 2019, two plays and various guest plays will be played on the summer theatre scene. Sista patronen (Swe), a play about Svartå Manor founder, Hjalmar Linder’s eventful life, is played 7.6.-16.6 and 14.8-24.8. Vadelmavenepakolainen (Fin), a comedy about a Finnish man who wants to become Swedish, is played 4.7.-10.8. svartå

More summer activities

An natural summer activity is, of course, a beach visit. Raseborg has several beautiful beaches at both sea and lakes. The beaches are listed here:

For families with children, there are also several suggestions for activities. You can read about these activities and also whre to find playgrounds in Raseborg at We also recommend the article on the Top 5 Things To Do with Kids in Raseborg.

Read more about activities in Raseborg at

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