Spring fun in Raseborg

Small signs of spring are daily becoming more visible in the surrounding. We have collected the best tips for a wonderful spring in Raseborg.


Did you know that markets are arranged every week in Raseborg, all year round? In both Ekenäs and Karis, you can buy local products directly from the producer on Wednesdays and Saturdays and in Pojo on Fridays.

As a city full of food artisans, you will find everything from bakeries and breweries, to a distillery, a roastery and a dairy. Buy directly from the manufacturer or from one of the city’s all retailers.


Like the nature, our event calendar is also daily filled with exciting news. During the spring, Easter egg hunts, a hot air balloon ride, exciting theaters and beautiful concerts are arranged – to name a few. This summer’s events are also starting to fill up the event calendar. Remember to also check out our Facebook page for more tips on upcoming events.

Indoor activities

The weather can sometimes be unpredictable in the spring, so a visit to exciting museums and beautiful art exhibitions can be the perfect option. The Museum Card is also valid in some of the museums in the city.

Have a walk along Finland’s oldest pedestrian street, Kungsgatan in the center of Ekenäs or surround yourself with domestic quality design in Fiskars. Or visit all the second-hand shops, antique shops, vintage shops and flea markets town. There are also plenty of skillful craftsmen with old professions, In Raseborg, who will help you keep your favorite gadget or garment a little longer. Whatever you are looking for, there is something for everyone here. Welcome for shopping!

Fill your stomach with delicacies from the city’s restaurants and cafés. Here you can easily change the view for the different meals: take a coffee break in a cozy bakery café, eat a tasty lunch next to the water and enjoy dinner in a charming iron work environment or next to a castle. The options are many!

For all movie lovers, the city’s wonderful cinemas Bio Pallas in Karis and Bio Forum in Ekenäs are a must to visit. NB! Bio Pallas is closed until Midsummer because of renovation.

Are you looking for exciting indoor exercise activities? Look here, because in Raseborg you can play paddle and tennis, go to the gym or to a relaxing yoga session. The city’s indoor swimming pool is also open throughout the spring.

Outdoor activities

Experience the wonders of nature in Raseborg, with all your senses! Listen to birdsong, watch the flowers bloom, smell the blossom and take home a small bouquet of white anemones. But of course, all in accordance with the right of public access.

Have a relaxing walk and explore the historical parts of the city. Walk along the motley streets of the Old Town in Ekenäs, experience the tranquility next to Raseborg’s castle ruins and the cultural heritage of the old iron works environments. Hike on hiking trails that go next to lakes or in lush forests, discover the city’s beautiful park areas and take the youngest in family on a journey of discovery to the city’s exciting playgrounds.

For a little more speed and excitement, challenge your friends or family and go disc golfing, geocatching or on a VeVi adventure.