In Raseborg the nature is part of the everyday life. You can go to the forest and the archipelago to calm down and relax at any time, since anywhere you go, they are right around the corner. Not only does our town have numerous breathtaking landscapes, but most of the recreation areas also have an old history.

Ramsholmen nature park is like a second home for the townees. Here people go for a walk with the dog, a picnic with the family and to the beach with friends. The ones who like flowers and plants come to admire the rich vegetation of Ramsholmen. Västerby outdoor recreation centre, in turn, is a place for trekking, skiing and orienteering.

Birdwatchers head for Läppträsket in Karis. The area is also a treasure trove for the ones interested in history, because here you can find artefacts that take you all the way back to the Iron Age. The canoeists can enjoy beautiful views of the shores of Pumpviken cove, and the recreation area near the centre of Karis is one of the joggers' favourite spots.

Recreation areas in Uusimaa

The Uusimaa recreation area association (Fin Uudenmaan virkistysalueyhdistys) manages nine recreation areas in Raseborg. Out of these, Kajsas in Pojo, Kolaholm, Långösund and Lövö in Snappertuna, Korpudden in Svartå, and Sandviken in Bromarv can be reached by a car. For more information about the recreation areas, please go to the website of Uudenmaan virkistysalueyhdistys.

If you going kayaking, we highly recommend the Uusimaa West map for kayaking and rowing, which you can downloaded here! The same map is also available as a mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows by the name "". Very handy and easy to bring along.
More information see Paddlingsfabriken

Lookout towers and vantage points

Lookout towers accessible by car:

Bötesberget birdwatching tower in Gullö, Ekenäs
The old water tower, Ekenäs
Stora Näset and Lilla Näset birdwatching towers at Läppträsket, Karis
Nearest address is Hangövägen 3001, 10320 Karis
Kiila, Karis
Nearest address is Lingongatan (Fin Puolukkakatu), 10300 Karis
Korpudden, Svartå
Nearest address is Hållsnäsvägen, 10360 Svartå
Kasberget, Pojo

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