Railway stations

Karis railway station
Alingsåsgatan 37, 10300 Karis

Ekenäs railway station
Järnvägsgatan 4, 10600 Ekenäs 

Bus stations

Karis bus station
Centralgatan 90, 10300 Karis

Ekenäs bus station
Järnvägsgatan 4, 10600 Ekenäs

Bus companies

Amper, Pojo,
Hangö Trafik (Friman), Hangö,
Raseborgs Taxi & Buss, Ekenäs,
Tilausliikenne Raasepori, Karis, 
Wikströms Busstrafik, Bromarv,

Summer Buses

Helsinki-Fiskars-Helsinki. In summer 2019, Friman Matkat organize shuttle bus service between Helsinki and Fiskars on Saturdays from 6.6.-15.8. (not 20.6.). Buses depart at 10:30 from Kiasma bus stop in Helsinki and the bus back from Fiskars to Helsinki leaves at 16:00. 
Tickets: adults 35 €, students and pensioners 25 €, children 4-17 years 17,50 €. Additional information and reservations:

Karis-Raseborg Castle-Karis. The transport between Raseborg Castle and Karis railway station is organized on Wednesdays and weekends in June and July 2019. The timetables are planned according to timetables of the trains so that passengers from Turku and Helsinki can use the transportservice. In July one can also make it to the guided tour of the castle, which begins at 14:00.
Start from Karis railway station Taxi-parking at 12:40. Return from Raseborg Castle to Karis railway station leaves at 16:00 (on Sundays also at 19:00).
Tickets: 20€/adults, 10 €/children. Reservations: 





Guest harbours

Electric vehicle charging points