Where can you find the best picnic spots in Raseborg?

Fill up your picnic basket and explore the best picnic spots in Raseborg!

Pack your best picnic lunch, gather your friends, your family or go alone on a tranquil picnic to a beautiful place to enjoy the sun and a nice summer day. Is there anything better? In this article we have gathered the best picnic spots in Raseborg.

Ramsholmen offers a great setting for a picnic in the midst of unique and rich nature. You can arrive at Ramsholmen with a picnic basket on foot or by bike, and the outdoor trail is also suitable for wheelchair and pushchair users.

Empress Dagmar’s fountain in Raseborg is one of the best picnic spots in Nyland. From the Dagmar spring, you can enjoy the beautiful sandy beach, moss and the soothing murmur of the spring water while having a picnic.

If you want to spread your picnic blanket on the beach while admiring the sea view, we recommend Stallörsparken beach in Ekenäs. During summer you can also play beach volleyball and mini golf during your picnic.

If you’re on a day trip to Tenala and fancy a picnic, we strongly recommend heading to Vikstrand beach. It is an elongated beach surrounded by forest. There are changing rooms, an outdoor toilet, a pier and an excellent setting for a picnic day

Pumpviken in Karis offers a great environment for a picnic due to its greenery and romantic atmosphere. In the middle of Pumpviken you will find a small park, where the first place is also a popular picnic spot. Pumpviken is largely accessible and suitable for wheelchairs and strollers.

In Fiskars, along the Rissla forest trail near the bird tower, you will find a great place for a picnic. The bird tower is worth a visit, especially at sunset, to admire the scenery in the warm light of the evening sun.