Are you dreaming of a beautiful cycling holiday in a magnificent scenery? If so, you should try the most delectable adventure, the Costal Route. The route is 150200 kilometres and ties together Raseborg, Hanko, Kimito Islands and Salo. During your journey you get to enjoy historical sights, wonderful archipelago, amazing nature and cozy accomodations. Not bad, right? 

Did you know that Raseborg’s cozy towns and villages offer a great variety of events all year around? Discover versatile events in Fiskars Village, Ekenäs, by Raseborg castle ruins, Svartå Manor, in Karis, Pojo, Billnäs, Tenala, Snappertuna and the archipelago villages of Bromarv, Skåldö and Sandnäsudd. Here is a list of our best bits for the summer – find more to see and experience on our Facebook page and the Raseborg events calendar.


June– August

19.5-11.8    Wild edible plants every Saturday, 1.30- 3 pm, Raseborg Castle.
5.6–2.9       Summer troubadours at Café Gamla Stan, Ekenäs. Tuesdays at 14, 16 and 18.
20.6-8.8      Guided tours in the Svartå castle, wed-sun 11-15.
28.6–5.8     Raseborg Summer Theatre plays West Side Story (in Swedish) by Raseborg Castle, Snappertuna. 



1.7              Summer Dog Show; Hau-Hau 2018, Karis.
5–8.7          Fiskars and Billnäs Antique Festivals.,
6.-7.7          Beer Camp Fiskars- beerfestival with beer from small local breweries.
7.7              Bug safari 12 am- 1 pm. Raseborg Castle. Tickets 10€
7.7              Outdoor Dancing at Gumnäs, 20-01, adults only. Pojo.
7.7              Cityloppis, flea market in Ekenäs city center.
7.7              Classic Fire Engine Festival, Stallören Park in Tammisaari at 11–14.
7.7              Sommarö Night & dance with Carisma on Skåldö island. Bus transportation from Ekenäs.
7.7-11.8      Summerbus every Saturday from Helsinki to Fiskars Bruk and back.
8.7              Sing along happening at EKTA Museum (in swedish), Ekenäs. 17-18 o'clock. Tickets: Luckan Raseborg or Toppen. 
8.7              Sing along at Gillesgården 2-4pm. Pojo. Facebook: Allsång på Gillesgården 
10.7            Helene Schjerfbeck’s birthday celebration. 12-17, EKTA Museum, Ekenäs. 
14–15.7      Medieval fair, tournament, fire show at Raseborg Castle, Snappertuna at 11–18.
14.7            Predium fair for the whole family. Predium Ladies Run. 
15.7            Summerconcert with Gräsbeck family, 16-17.30. Bromarv. 
21.7            July Festival with Deep Purple and others, Stallörsparken, Ekenäs. 
22.7            Flea market arranged by Bromarfpojkarna. 12-15.30. Bromarv. 
27.7            Karis fair. Facebook: Karis FBK
27.7            Dance evening with Matz Bladhs Orchestra at Torparrian, Tenala.
27.7            Children's Day at Kopparöl, Skåldö, 10am.
27.-29.7      Faces Festival goes "Urban" with its multicultural and unique program. Karis. 
28.7            Tenala fair at 11–15.  
28.7            Tour de Ekenäs beachvolley tournament, 9-17. Stallör Park, Ekenäs.
28.7-3.8      Hopsis Bouncy Castle is in Ekenäs. Tickets 10€/day. 


1–5.8          Ekenäs Classical Summer Concerts with the Finnish Chamber Orchestra and the celebrated conductor Jukka-Pekka Saraste.
4.8              Snappertuna fair, Raseborgs Castle 10–14.
4.8              Crayfish party with Micke Björklund and live show at Slottsknecktens stuga, 19.30. Snappertuna. Facebook: Raseborgs slottsruiner /Raaseporin linnanrauniot
4.8              Bug safari 12 am- 1 pm. Raseborg Castle. Tickets 10€
4-5.8           Karis Finland’s Paris, open doors in Karis and Billnäs.
10.8            A Tribute Concert to Ted Gärdestad.
11.8            The Ankrace (Rubber-duck race) for the whole family, Pumpviken, Karis.
11.8            Family Festival in Fiskars Village.
17.8            Augustinatten with DJ-duo Tungevaag & Raaban etc. at Bossa Nova Beach Club, Ekenäs.
17.8            Dance evening with Tommy’s Orchestra at Torparrian, Tenala.
18.8            City Outlet, Ekenäs.  
18.8            Raseborg's GP, downhill racers competition in Ekenäs, 10-14. 
23.8            Tuure Kilpeläinen ja Kaihon Karavaani- concert. Svartå manor.
24.8            Defence Forces 100- Musical Summer Tour. Stallören Park, Ekenäs. 
25.8            Night of Ancient Bonfires with Sam Zimon. Skatafé, Bromarv
25.8            Night of Ancient Bonfires with The Millers. Kopparöl, Skåldö. 
26.8            Summerconcert with Gräsbeck family, 16-17.30. Bromarv. 


September - October

1.9              Raseborg's Pride Festival, 12-00, Karis. 
1.9              7- course dinner with chefs of Raseborg. Price: 55 €/person. Knipan, Ekenäs. 
1.9              Harvest market with food and competitions, 10-14, Ekenäs.
20-22.9       Ekenäs Legendary Autumn Market, this year also on Saturday.
6-7.10         The super popular Slow Food Festival, Fiskars Village.



Fiskars Village
13.5–2.9 Summer Exhibitions About Clay, international ceramics at the Copper Smithy.
24.3–13.1.19 Fiskars Museum Life in Fiskars and various themed exhibitions.


Ekenäs (Tammisaari)

EKTA Museum, Gustav Wasas gata 11.
Permanent exhibitions; Helene Schjerfbeck’s Life and Art and Raseborg through the Ages.
26.4–26.8 Art de la Chapelle – Art from Albert de la Chapelle’s collections.

22.5–26.8 Prison Camp Hell of Dragsvik. In the Ekåsen area, building H. Address; Raseborgsv. 37, Ekenäs
Gallery Elverket, the exhibition Nude 2.6–2.9. Gustav Wasas gata 11, Ekenäs.

Gallery Perspektivet Raseborgsvägen 8, Ekenäs.
Gallery Lilla galleriet
Gustav Wasas gata 7, Ekenäs.
Villa Schildt
Östra Strandgatan 7.

Ekenäs Nature Centre The shifting archipelago, temporary exhibitons, short films about the archipelago nature. Strandallén.äs


Fotocentrum Raseborg Köpmansgatan 9, Karis.
Galleri Fokus
Centralgatan 90, Karis.

Gillesgård’s Farm and Craft Museum, Skarpkullavägen 301, Pojo.

Finbygränd Agricultural Museum, Prästkullavägen 944, Ekenäs.

Raseborg Castle. Raseborgs Slottsväg 110. Open every day 1.5–31.8, in September weekends.
The folk museum Snappertuna Forngård, Tunalundsvägen 85, Snappertuna.

Svartå Manor Museum, guided tours 6.6–11.8 or by reservation.


Local food & markets in Raseborg

Bromarv harbour, Lillnäsvägen 1. May-September, Sat at 8:30–13, June–August on Fridays at 15–18.
Ekenäs, Market Square. All year round Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7–14. Evening market in Stallörsparken Tuesdays 5.6–7.8 at 15–19.
Fiskars Village market square, May to September daily at 9–18.
Karis, Köpmansgatan, all year Wed and Sat at 7–14.
Prästkulla, June-August Saturdays at 9–12.
Sandnäsudd, June-August Saturdays at 9–12.
Sommarö, June-August Saturdays at 10–13.
Tenala, May-October Saturdays at 8–12.
Trollshovda, June-August Saturdays at 9–11.


Café Dagny, Dönsbyvägen 133
Cafe Rost Off, Kroggårdsvägen 27
Calles Café, Kansbackavägen 16

Tyynelä Sommarkafé, Grännavägen 12
Kanotklubben Wågen's kiosk, Södra Strandgatan
Café Gamla Stan, Bastugatan 5
Café Schjerfbeck, Rådhustorget
Café Wilda, Gustav Wasas gata 4

Café Classic Garage Snappertuna, Snappertuna kyrkväg 79

Fiskars Village's Torgcafé, Åkerraden 1
Hammarbacken café, Åkerraden 13



Departure from Helsinki, Kiasma museum bus stop 10:30 am. Departure back from Fiskars at 4:00 pm. Tour price 30 € /adult, 10 €/child 4-17 years, 20 € senior citizens and students. Booking and more information:, more about what to see and do in Fiskars Village:



Cruise to the old mining island of Jussarö Wednesdays 27.6–1.8 and Sundays 5.8 at 11–16.
Departure from Ekenäs Northern harbour, M/S Myggen III. Price: € 30/person, partial trip (Sommarö) € 15/person, children under 10 years free of charge.

Cruise to Rödjan
, an old fishing homestead on Älgö, Fridays 29.6–10.8 at 11–14:15.
Departure: Ekenäs Northern harbour with M/S Myggen III. Price: € 20/person, children under 10 years free of charge.

Bookings for Jussarö & Rödjan
Raseborg Tourist Office Tel. +358 19 289 2010, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Reservations: sailing subject to weather. Minimum number of passengers: 4

M/S Sunnan II, Cruise & restaurant boat, Northern harbour, Ekenäs. Tel. +358 19 241 1850. Scheduled tours and booked cruises. Cruises to Jussarö on Saturdays during 30.6–4.8 at 11–17.



Enjoy our amazing natural landscapes by bike - travel the coastal route, now also via Raseborg! The cycle route connects Finland's southernmost city, Hanko, with Kimitoön island in Southern Finland thanks to a new summer boat connection with the m/s Norrskär a couple of times a week. Read more at 


Need more information? We can help you!

Visit Raseborg tourist office next to the Town Hall Square in Ekenäs
Address: Gustav Wasas gata 10, Ekenäs. Tel: +358 19 289 2010, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Birds chirping, tiny buds in the trees and soon an intense, green explosion – spring is arriving to Raseborg. This is a wonderful season to go on a hike in our versatile nature or to visit our historical sights. Check our events and a few nice tips on what to see and do.

The new SuperShe island Finland is opening in the beautiful archipelago of Raseborg in June 2018. For the moment the island is open for women only – a concept created by the american SuperShe-founder & entrepreneur Kristina Roth. 

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