Home & Found

Are you thinking about what it would be like to extend the visit to Raseborg, by moving to the city? If yes, then the Home & Found recycling housing fair is the right event for you!

On the 10.-12 of June, the Home & Found recycling housing fair will be organized around Raseborg, where vacant homes, holiday homes, plots and properties will be displayed. Raasepori villages and centers offer special program during the weekend: trips, nature walks, open doors, meetings with locals, culture, food, drink and unique experiences. You get to try out living in Raasepori.

During the weekend, local companies and actors in construction, gardening, renovation and interior design also gather to present their business to you.

The event is organized around Raseborg and the fair is held in historical Billnäs Village, approximately 3 km from Karis train station.

Read more about the event here.