Explore Raseborg with your own boat

Ocean spray, glittering sunlight on the waves, diving terns and seagulls, quiet motor sounds and open sails... The summer is prime season for boating enthusiasts, and in Raseborg you can find a wide range of guest harbors and activities if you are traveling here by boat. Discover new waters this summer!

In the Raseborg archipelago and Ekenäs Archipelago National Park there are beautiful sea routes and peaceful natural harbors, as well as lively and welcoming guest harbors with summer markets, artisan shops, restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, and fuel stations. The natural harbors of Mondermagan and Fladalandet are especially beautiful and absolutely worth a visit. One of the most exciting ways of exploring Raseborg is by boat.

Where to go with your boat in Raseborg? Take an adventurous daytrip to the exciting former mining island of Jussarö, or to the ancient fishing settlement of Rödjan in Älgö. In the Ekenäs Archipelago National Park, staying overnight in your own boat or tent is possible on Modermagan, Fladalandet, Rödjan on Älgö, and on Jussarö. All the camping sites have campfire sites and dry toilets.

If you want to stay closer to civilization, or need to stock up on fuel or supplies, then there are many pleasant marinas closer to the city that offer a variety of services. Perhaps the most delightful atmosphere can be found in the colorful summer markets of the archipelago towns of Bromarv, Sommaröstrand, Sandnäsudd or Ekenäs.

Where to park your boat? Guest harbours in Raseborg

Ekenäs Guest Harbour: 59 ° 58,7 ’23 ° 25,7′ – www.ekenasport.fi

After a pleasant sail Ekenäs offers boatpeople an excellent mooring in the town centre, protected from winds.
The guest moorings of the North Harbour offer all the services you need.

Jussarö: 59 ° 49,9 ’23 ° 34,4′ – www.jussaro.net

The island, where the compasses are spinning around without showing any actual direction, is the ideal destination for all interested in the Finnish archipelago and its fascinating history.

Sommaröstrand: 59 ° 54,1 ’23 ° 24,5′ – www.sommarostrand.fi

Predium: 59 ° 54,5 ’23 ° 17,8′ – www.premarin.fi

Bromarf: 59 ° 59,3 ’23 ° 01.8′ – www.bromarvhamn.fi

Sandnäsudd: 59 ° 56.5 ’23 ° 43,6′- www.sandisbutik.fi

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