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Events in Raseborg

Are you looking for something to do in Raseborg? Luckily, the summers in Raseborg are filled with exciting events! Have a look at this years event list to find events suiting you.

Did you know there is a lot happening in Raseborg? Discover versatile programme in Fiskars Village, Ekenäs, Raseborg Castle, Svartå Manor, Karis, Pojo, Billnäs, Tenala, Snappertuna and the archipelago villages Bromarv, Skåldö and Sandnäsudd. Here is a selection of the events, please enjoy! You can find more to experience in the event calendar.


1/06–30/07                               Summer trail at Malmbacka, Snappertuna.

6/06–27/08                               Summer troubadours at Café Gamla Stan. Tuesdays at 14:00,16:00 and 18:00. Ekenäs.

10/0621/10                             Guided tours at Raseborg Castle. Wed, Sat-Sun.

23/06                                          Midsummer party at Raseborg Castle in Snappertuna from 15:00–18:00.

23/06–24/06                           Midsummer dance at Jussarö. Fb: Jussarö

29/06                                          A summer evening in the folk park (Swedish) at Ramsholmen from 19:00. Music event.

29/06–6/08                              Raseborg’s Summer Theater – Monty Python’s Spamalot. Raseborg Castle, Snappertuna.

29/06–2/07                              Billnäs Traditional and Antique Days, from 9:00–18:00.

29/06–2/07                              Fiskars Village Antique Days.

30/06                                          ABBA night in Bromarv, from 18:00.


1/07                                            The Day of Old Firetrucks in Ekenäs.

1/07–12/08                               Summer Theater at Svartå Manor – Finnish comedy Ulkomaalainen.

2/07                                            Arne Alligator and the Jungle Drum. Children’s music event. Svartå Manor from 11:00–16:00.

6/07–5/08                                 Three Little Pigs and the Big Handsome Wolf (Swedish). Family musical at Tenala Museigård.

8/07                                            Greek Night in Bromarv at Strandbistron, from 18:00–21:00.

15/07                                          Hemma hos Greta in Bromarv at Strandbistron, from 19:00.

22/07                                          Santa Fé Rock Party in Ekenäs from 18:00–23:00.

22/07                                          Lasse Stefanz & Högtryck at Ramsholmen in Ekenäs, from 18:00–01:00.

22/07                                          Jacke Björklund – Satoi Tai Paistoi? Stand up Show, from 19:00 in Svartå Manor.

28/07                                          GIMME ABBA! -show at Svartå Manor from 19:00.


2/08–5/08                                 Summer Theatre at Svartå Manor – Finnish classic Kaunis Veera.

3/08–6/08                                 Ekenäs Summer Concerts 2023.

5/08                                            Old Town Alive. In Ekenäs from 9:30-17:00.

11/08                                          Augustinatten. Music event with artists such as Bolaget from Sweden. Stallörsparken, Ekenäs.

13/08                                          Arne Alligator and the Jungle Drum at Ramsholmen from 12:00–16:00. Children’s music event.

16/08                                          Katri Helena’s 60th Anniversary Artist Celebration Concert in Svartå Manor from 18:00.

18/08–19/08                             Raseborg Festival with artists such as Gyllene tider, Carola and Bonnie Tyler. Ekenäs. 18+.

28/08                                          Night of Ancient Fires at Sommaröstrand from 20:30.

31/07–6/08                               Fiskars Summer Festival.


9/09–10/09                               Timely Coal Weekend at Malmbacka in Snappertuna, from 12:00–17:00.

21/09–22/09                            Ekenäs Autumn Market.

30/09                                          The 100th Anniversary of the Västnyland Chamber Choir in Ekenäs church, from 16:00.

30/09–1/10                               Slow Food Festival. Fiskars Village.


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