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Cycling Routes in Raseborg

Hop on a bike and go on a Raseborg tour! Cycling is an excellent way to explore the sights and gems of the area. Here we've gathered all the best routes and paths for both Sunday riders and more experienced cyclists.

Helsinki – Raseborg – Turku

Located only one hour from both Helsinki and Turku, you can reach Raseborg by public transport or by car. Alternatively, you can choose to arrive by bike taking a route that partly follows the old King’s Road.
Maps: Helsinki-Ekenäs, Turku-Ekenäs

Discover nature and culture by bike

Nature Parks

Ride along the numerous nature trails that take you through beautiful forest and lake scenery. Continue exploring by foot when the bike routes turn into more narrow paths.


Starting from Ekenäs, this route takes you to the picturesque village of Tenala and further around the gulf of Gennarbyviken. Partly sand road.
Sights: Tenala house museum, Tenala Church, Restaurants and cafés
Accommodation: Villa Christine, cottages

Raseborg Castle Ruins

The bike route from Ekenäs or Karis to Raseborg Castle Ruins takes you through picturesque countryside all the way to one of the most important historic monuments in Raseborg. The less trafficked route consists partly of a sand road, the shorter one follows partly the main road (25). Read more about the route Ekenäs-Raseborg Castle Ruins here.
Maps: Ekenäs-Raseborg Castle Ruins, Karis-Raseborg Castle Ruins
Attractions: Raseborg Castle Ruins, Forngården Folk Museum, the Love Path, Snappertuna village
Restaurants: Slottsknektens stuga
Accommodation: Snappertuna Hostel, Lagman’s campingsite, cottages

Svartå Manor

Pedal to one of the most prestigious manors in Finland, Svartå Manor. Experience history and anecdotes of the manor on a guided tour (in English only by reservation). Take a stroll in the castle park with numerous statues and a idyllic water lily pond. You can choose between a route in the countryside along sand roads and a more trafficked asphalt road (25).
Map: Karis-Svartå Manor
Restaurants: Slottskrogen
Accommodation: Svartå Manor

Fiskars Village

Fiskars Village is an excellent destination for a daytrip with its fascinating history and an ironworks village with vibrant handicraft culture.
Asphalt road. Combine with the new mountain bike route, which offers challenges also for the more experienced rider.
Mountain bike map
Sights: Fiskars Village, stores and workshops, Fiskars museum,
Restaurants and cafés,
Maps: Karis-Fiskars, Ekenäs-Fiskars

Mörby Organic Farm & Shop

This bike route is for those who are looking for a shorter bike route from Ekenäs in countryside scenery. The sand road takes you to Mörby Organic Farm & Shop, where you can breathe fresh countryside air and buy pure organic products directly from the farmer.

The Archipelago

Ekenäs – Bromarv

From Ekenäs, head over to Bromarv archipelago village. The sand road takes you further to the beautiful Padva beach and Skataudden, where you can sit back and sip on a cold drink and enjoy the delicacies of the summer restaurant Skatafé. Partly sand road.
Restaurants: Skatafé, Stallkrogen
Accommodation: Bromarf B&B, cottages
Sights: Bromarv Church, Rilax estate

Ekenäs – Jussarö

If you want to experience Ekenäs archipelago, bike down to Sommarö guest harbour and hop on the boat to Jussarö.

Map: Ekenäs-Sommaröstrand Café: Café Ön
Accommodation: Tent area

The Archipelago Harbours Sommaröstrand and Sandnäsudd

Enjoy the archipelago atmosphere and views by pedaling down to the guest harbours in Sommaröstrand and Sandnäsudd. Recharge your batteries at the friendly cafés or take a dip at one the beaches. Also at Sommaröstrand, you can challenge your friend at minigolf, go stand up -paddling or borrow rods and try your luck angling.
Maps: Ekenäs-Sommaröstrand, Ekenäs-Sandnäsudd
Restaurants: 5Knivar at Sommaröstrand, Sandis archipelago store and café at Sandnäsudd

Raseborg Tour

If you want to fully experience multifaceted Raseborg, this is the right route for you. Do the whole tour, a shorter mini tour, or tailor a route according to your own wishes.

The Complete Raseborg Tour

Route: Ekenäs – Predium guest harbour – Tenala – Bromarv – Pojo – Fiskars Village – Antskog – Svartå Manor – Billnäs Village – Karis – Raseborg Castle Ruins – Sandnäsudd guest harbour – Baggö harbour – Sommaröstrand guest harbour- Ekenäs

This bike route will take you through Raseborg’s town centres, picturesque villages, scenic nature and hidden gems. The village tour offers everything from countryside, forest and lake scenery, cultural and historic sights to vibrant village culture.

The Raseborg Around -route runs partly on the King’s Road. Whether you come from Helsinki or Turku, you can join the route in Karis, Ekenäs, Raseborg’s Castle Ruins or Tenala. The route is partly sand road, but these parts can most often be replaced by biking along a more trafficked road. in that case, have a look at the alternative route map.


Map of an alternative route, asphalt only


Restaurants and cafés

The Mini Raseborg Tour

Route alternative 1: Ekenäs – Pojo – Fiskars Village – Billnäs Village – Karis – Raseborg Castle Ruins

This route is for those interested in history and passionate about culture. Between the old ironworks villages of Fiskars and Billnäs, the small wooden houses in Ekenäs Old Town and other historic sights you get to enjoy the quiet and peace of the countryside.

Route alternative 2: Karis – Billnäs Village – Fiskars Village – Antskog – Svartå Manor

Go on a biking trip to the old ironworks villages of Billnäs and Fiskars. Enjoy the scenic landscapes in Antskog and crown the trip with a dinner in Svartå Manor. Partly sand road.

The Coastal Route

Enjoy fantastic archipelago and culture landscapes by bike – travel the new and comprehensive Coastal Route! Because of the new boat connection, the new biking route connects Finland’s southernmost town Hanko with the Kimito Islands close to Turku and Salo areas. The route runs through four historical ironworks villages and offers some of the most beautiful nature experiences of Finland. The cyclist bikes from Ekenäs along the coast to sunny Hanko, and continues the trip by boat to Kimito Islands. From there the amazing journey goes on to Salo and back to Ekenäs via Tenala, and as a recommendation, we suggest to also take the route via Fiskars&Billnäs.

Read more about the Coastal Route.

Map: Coastal Route

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