Bike tour to Raseborg Castle Ruins

To discover Raseborg, all you need is to hop on a bike. Biking is a practical way to explore the different parts and sights of the region, and this while enjoying stunning landscapes that you wouldn't otherwise stumble upon. This time, the destination of our tour is Raseborg Caste Ruins at 15 kilometres from the seaside town Ekenäs. Take a friend with you and go exploring!

Ekenäs – Raseborg Castle Ruins

From the beating heart of Ekenäs, the Town Square, we start pedaling along Raseborgsvägen until the sign-post to Baggö leads us right towards Gammelboda Bridge. While crossing the bridge, admire from the corner of the eye the splendid seaside view that opens on both sides.

In Gammelboda, ease back in the saddle and enjoy the ride. Follow the road past the green courses of Eke Golf until at the end of a downhill the road takes us left to Västerviksvägen. Continue cruising in the shadows of the forest, with blooming wildflowers along the road. Spot beautiful villas next to red painted wooden cottages along the edge of the woods. When Västerviksvägen turns into Norrbyvägen, the landscapes change accordingly from forests to picturesque meadows and fields. The road leads us through the grounds of the farm Norrby Gård, offering bikers Finnish countryside scenery at its best.

Countryside idyll

Right after the homestead idyll, we cross a skinny bridge. The winding routes take us up and down on the rolling farmland. After a drop downhill, take left at the junction of Köpbölevägen leading to Snappertuna. Glide down towards the vast fields of the village. Take right at Gamla Kustvägen and follow the road to Raseborgs slottsväg. From here it is only a short ride to the castle ruins. Before arriving to our destination, a small wooden bridge reminds us of how Raseborg used to be surrounded by water. A verdant path leads from the bridge to the medieval Raseborg Castle, which is a magnificent sight on top of the hill.

Medieval ambiance

It takes one to one and a half hours for John Bull to finish the route, but those with faster legs can reach the destination in a shorter time. Be sure to reserve a few hours to discover the ruins and the other sights of the area. Restaurant Slottsknektens stuga offers the bikers delicious treats and refreshing drinks to relax over after a sweaty ride. The grass field outside the ruins is a perfect spot for a picnic. By following the winding Lovers’ path, you find the folk museum Forngården, where cute red wooden houses tell the story of life in an insular farm in the 1850s.

Ekenäs-Raseborg Castle Ruins (approx. 1h-1h30min): Rådhustorget, Gustav Vasa gatan, Raseborgsvägen, Baggövägen 1002, Västervikvägen, Norrbyvägen, Köpbölevägen, Gamla Kustvägen 1050, Raseborgs Slottsväg 1101

Raseborg Castle Ruins – Ekenäs

When every corner of the ruins has been inspected, it is time to jump on the bike and head back to Ekenäs. Retrace your route back, but instead of turning to Köpbölsvägen, keep pedaling along the winding road until you reach the main road. If you are interested in visiting other pearls of Raseborg such as Fiskars village, turn right towards Karis. We others head for Ekenäs and take left on the main road. After a ride of 1,5 kilometres, we flee the rumble at the junction of Horsväcksvägen. 

Detour in the wild

If you have the time and the energy, instead of turning to Västanbyvägen, keep to Horsbäcksvägen and let the path take you downhill. Those who choose the detour can enjoy the peacefulness of the countryside for a few more kilometres. Past the fields, you can get a glimpse of the glittering water of Dragsviksfjärden. On a warm, summery day, take the chance to take a dip in the water by turning to the road of Langansböle strand, leading you to the public beach. All refreshed, return to the road and ride through the residential area of Gamla Langansböle. Continue all the way to Dragsvikvägen, where the two alternative return routes meet.

Quick return

Those who prefer the shorter route follow Västanbyvägen via Fågelsvängen to Dragsvikvägen. Before arriving at the garrison in Dragsvik, on your right there is a memorial that has been erected on the graveyard of 3 000 red soldiers who died in the prison camp in Ekenäs after the Civil War in 1918.

From Dragsvikvägen, we turn to Raseborgsvägen that leads us to the centre of Ekenäs. The rest of the evening you can simply sit back and relax on one of the restaurants and terraces in the North Harbour.

Route description

A ride of approximately 15 kilometres is rewarded with splendid castle scenery, and the return feels already much easier. For the most part, the cycle route offers an easy and atmospheric ride through the countryside, and the steepest ascents are always rewarded with long downhill slopes. There are well-kept cycle tracks in the town, but the rest of the route consists mainly of tranquil sand roads. All in all, the route to the castle ruins is very peaceful. From the castle, it is possible to either repeat the trail or to take on a shorter one that runs partly on the main road.

Raseborg Castle Ruins-Ekenäs (approx. 1h): Raseborgs slottsväg 1101, Gamla Kustvägen 1050, Hangövägen 25, Horsbäcksvägen, Västanbyvägen, Fågelsvängen, Dragsvikvägen, Raseborgsvägen

Click here for a map on this cycle route and many more in Raseborg.