Beaches and the Algae Situation

In the summer heat, there's probably nothing more delightful than taking a dip in refreshing water. Seize the beautiful weather, pack your beach bag, and experience Raseborg's fantastic beaches.

When the sun is high in the sky and the temperature rises, it is time for a swim. Gather your friends, family, or treat yourself to a well-deserved break and head to one of Raseborg’s picturesque beaches to enjoy the summer and the warm rays of the sun. Raseborg offers a wide range of excellent swimming spots by the sea and lakes. Here, we have gathered information about the diverse beaches in Raseborg.

Remember to be observant and pay attention to the appearance of the water, as the presence of algae in the water can change rapidly. To stay informed about the algae situation at Raseborg’s beaches, you can get the latest information by clicking here. For real-time updates on algae blooms, we recommend joining local Facebook groups discussing the topic, such as “Stränder och algläget i Raseborg” (Beaches and the Algae Situation in Raseborg).

Beaches: Ekenäs and Snappertuna

Stallörsparken beach is located right in the center of Ekenäs, just a stone’s throw away from restaurants, cafés, the guest harbor, and playgrounds. Take a visit to the beach while taking care of your errands! There is a large grass area perfect for hanging out with friends at the beach. There is also a volleyball net, mini-golf, changing huts, outdoor toilets, a beach jetty, lifebuoy, and a diving tower for the adventurous.

Knipnäs beach is a popular sandy beach suitable for the whole family and is located east of Baggö bridge, about 2.5 km from Ekenäs city center. There is a jetty, changing hut, lifebuoy, and an outdoor toilet at the beach. With the city center only a short distance away, you have the perfect opportunity to visit one of the numerous local restaurants in the town.

Ekenäs Camping beach is located approximately 1.5 km from the center of Ekenäs and is surrounded by the lush nature park Hagen and Ekenäs beautiful archipelago. Combine your day at the beach with a visit to the camping site’s restaurant Bossa Nova, or rent a bike from the camping area to explore more of Raseborg! The beach is equipped with a toilet, lifebuoy, and changing hut.

Ramsholmen beach is located right next to the nature trail that runs from Hagen-Ramsholmen-Högholmen and offers a diverse flora and fauna. Pack your swimsuit and sunscreen in your backpack and head towards Ramsholmen where you can spend the day with both nature experiences and swimming! Ramsholmen’s beach is equipped with a lifebuoy, outdoor toilet, and changing hut.

Grabbskog beach is located approximately 7 km outside the center of Ekenäs towards Tenala and is a sandy beach suitable for both adults and children. It offers a beach jetty, outdoor toilet, changing hut, and a lifebuoy. The beach also provides a perfect setting for exploring the lake on your SUP board during sunset.

Langansböle beach is a small, child-friendly sandy beach located approximately 7 km outside the center of Ekenäs. The beach also has a jetty, changing hut, outdoor toilet, and a lifebuoy. Bring your family here and relax in a peaceful environment!

Sjövik beach is a small idyllic sandy beach located approximately 3 km outside the center of Ekenäs. Like the above-mentioned beaches, it is also equipped with a beach jetty, lifebuoy, outdoor toilet, and changing hut. The beach also features a playground that entertains and offers versatile play opportunities for children.

Bajon beach is located on Skåldö, right in the middle of the archipelago paradise, and is a small sandy beach suitable for the whole family. Take the opportunity to also visit the nearby Sommaröstrand for a snack or challenge the family to a game of mini-golf at Lilla skärgårdsbageriet & bistro.

Nearby the archipelago, you will find Box beach, a small and child-friendly beach next to a soccer and tennis field, perfect for those in the family who don’t want to lie on the beach. There are also changing huts, outdoor toilets, and a lifebuoy. When hunger strikes, it’s just a short way from here to Sandnäsudds café where you can enjoy a tasty dinner.

If you are in the Raseborg Castle area and the sun has been scorching all day, you must take a visit to Lagman’s beach and camping in Snappertuna for a refreshing swim! Lagman’s beach is a small sandy beach by the sea, equipped with changing cabins, outdoor toilets, and a grill roof. You can also come here with a caravan/camper or to set up a tent during summer.

Beaches: Karis and Billnäs

Svedjaträsket beach is a scenic spot located quite close to road 25, making the beach an ideal and convenient stop to visit while driving along the road. Svedjaträsket is a small-scale and shallow lake with a child-friendly beach, about 6 km outside the center of Karis. Here, the whole family can enjoy sun and swimming near the town.

Bastsjö beach is located approximately 12 km from the center of Karis, next to the village of Backgränd. The lake’s sandy beach is shallow and calm, making it suitable for the whole family. At the beach, there is a changing cabin, outdoor toilet, lifebuoy, and a dock.

Skogsängsgölen is a charming, child-friendly forest lake with a small sandy beach, located between the villages of Pojo and Billnäs. There is also a beach jetty, a changing room, an outdoor toilet, and a lifebuoy for added safety. Behind the changing room, there is also a nature trail that carefully follows the lake’s shoreline

Beaches: Pojo

Gumnäs beach is a rock and sandy beach located at Pojoviken, just a stone’s throw away from the center. For nature lovers, the beach offers a trail that stretches all the way to a cape where a nice barbecue area awaits. Here, you can end your day at the beach with a cozy dinner while enjoying a fantastic view.

Flacksjö beach is a child-friendly sandy beach where you can often enjoy the beautiful evening sun. It has a pier, changing cabin, outdoor toilet, and a lifebuoy. The beach is located approximately 4 km outside the center of Fiskars, making it easily combinable with an excursion there. There are also nice nature trails around the lake.

In Raseborg, there aren’t many swimming spots equipped with diving towers, but at Kisakeskus by Kullasjön, you will find one of them. Among the diverse activities that the Kisakeskus Sports Institute in Pojo has to offer, swimming is also on the list. In addition to the three-meter-high diving tower, there are also changing cabins, a lifebuoy, and a jetty on the beach.

Beaches: Tenala and Bromarv

If you happen to be in Bromarv, a visit to Padva beach at Padvaudden is an absolute must. The beach is located by the open sea and offers a beautiful setting with fine sandy shores. It is even said that Padva is one of the five most beautiful beaches in all of Finland! The beach has a shallow water area, making it very child-friendly. Facilities such as dry toilets, changing cabins, a beach volleyball net, and a summer kiosk are also available.

Another beach in Bromarv, located more centrally, is Furutorp beach. Furutorp beach is situated right next to Bromarv’s charming archipelago harbor, where all services are conveniently close by. This small and relaxing sandy beach is a perfect spot for relaxation and swimming enjoyment. The beach is equipped with a beach jetty, changing cabins, outdoor toilets, and a lifebuoy.

Vikstrand beach in Tenala is located approximately 3 km outside the center and is a fairly long sandy beach. The beautiful beach is surrounded by lush forest, creating a relaxing atmosphere. On the beach, there is a playground, a beach jetty, changing cabin, outdoor toilet, sports field, and a lifebuoy. Make also sure to make a visit to Friman’s in Tenala center for delicious cheeses or enjoy a Tenala hamburger at Bakfickan!

Hummeldal beach is located in Prästkulla, near Tenala. The beach is situated approximately 18 km outside Tenala center and is calm and child-friendly. There are changing cabins, outdoor toilets, a sports field, and a lifebuoy on the beach.

Beaches: Svartå

After a visit to Svartå Castle, a refreshing swim can be just what you need. Approximately 500 meters from the castle, you will find Svartå Bruk’s beach. The beach is peaceful, with both sandy areas for sunbathing and grassy areas perfect for outdoor games. Here is also a beach jetty, changing cabin, outdoor toilet, and lifebuoy.