Autumn in Raseborg

Raseborg is best known as a summer destination, but did you know that in Raseborg autumn has something very special to offer? As a paradise for food lovers Raseborg is at its best in autumn, when our colorful markets, local food events and boutiques are filled with wonderful, fresh harvest products. If you're longing for the countryside peace, you get to enjoy the archipelago nature dressed in its beautiful fall colors.

Harvest season with local delicacies

Did you know Raseborg is a real paradise for lovers of locally produced food? Our city is righteously proud of our large number of fresh and unique local food products and the many skillful entrepreneurs behind them. For a foodie the best time to travel to Raseborg is undoubtedly autumn, when our markets are brimming with wonderful harvest products. If the timetables of market events don’t fit your schedule, you can always order the products you want from the REKO local food groups of either Karis or Ekenäs. The order is made beforehand on Facebook, and you get to pick your purchase on Friday at a joint sharing event. Handy, don’t you think? You know whose products you’re buying and where your money is going, and simultaneously get to meet the producers!

Raseborg has a broad network of farmers, producers of local food and other entrepreneurs that make unique artisan products. In our region we have, for example, several bakeries, breweries, a distillery, a cheese factory, a dairy and even a winery that produces exciting natural wines! Slow Food Västnyland association as gathered on their website a map and a conclusive list of all the places that sell locally produced food in our region. The list pieces together all the farms that directly sell their products, the shops that sell the products and farms that offer self-picking of berries. You can also get a pocket guide containing the same information from the tourist information point in Ekenäs. The guide is also given out in many boutiques and shops around Raseborg as well as from the website and Facebook of Slow Food Västnyland.

Myyjän paikallistuotteita pursuava tiski Slow Food Festivaaleilla / A counter selling local food products in Slow Food Festival

The best-known and most popular of our annual local food events is undoubtedly Slow Food Festival in Fiskars Village, held in October every year. The event had a gap year in 2020 due to the pandemic, and unfortunately it can’t be arranged this year either. Hopefully we’ll see you there in 2022!

Sports and outdoor activities in Raseborg

Does anything fit together better than outdoor sports and the refreshing autumn air? In Raseborg nature is always just around the corner, in autumn more beautiful than ever. You can wander in old forests, find your way to the shore of a beautiful lake, and fall in love with the calming nature of the archipelago. On top of the wonderful views, many of the nature trails also have historical value.

Nainen menossa sienestämään / A woman going mushroom-picking

For hiking enthusiasts, the Västerby Outdoor Recreation Centre is a great option. In the area we recommend hiking around the popular Enchanted Forest Path, that offers both old forests and beautiful lake views. Or why not take a ferry trip to admire the wonderful archipelago scenery of Kopparö nature trail in Skåldö? Even in the historical ironworks villages of Billnäs and Fiskars you can hike in the beautiful, historically interesting trails. You can check out all our region’s nature trails here.

For people that feel at home in the saddle of a bike and aren’t afraid of challenges, the mountain biking routes of Fiskars Village Trail Center are the best pick. The center has several routes of different degrees of difficulty, all in magnificent scenery. While biking you get to enjoy the fresh fall air and afterwards you can satisfy your hungry stomach in one of the popular restaurants of Fiskars. If you’re looking for a real adrenaline boost as well as amazing views, you should give a try to the downhill biking routes of Påminne Bike Park.

Nuori pyöräilee Fiskars Village Trail Centerin reitillä, taustalla metsää ja järvi / A young boy biking in the trails Fiskars Village Trail Center, with forest and a lake in the background

The opportunities for outdoor activities and nature experiences don’t end here. How about going for a horse-riding trip or checking out one of our many disc golf or padel courses? Or how does bouldering in Västerby Outdoor Recreation Centre sound like? For golf enthusiasts Raseborg also offers three excellent golf courses. Check all the alternatives for sporty activities here.

The Läppträsket nature and culture path is unfortunately temporarily closed due to roadworks.

Guided tours

When it comes to many of our annual events, the ongoing pandemic has unfortunately had a negative effect. Due to this, for many people there seems to be a shortage of new experiences. To answer this call, Raseborg has during this year arranged a course for new guides, and thanks to this we now have 26 freshly graduated guides! With this in mind, we are very proud to present an even broader network of well-educated guides all with their own special interests.

Opas ja yleisöä Tammisaaressa / A guide with a group in Ekenäs

Thanks to its far-reaching history, Raseborg is filled with exciting stories and funny anecdotes. We have plenty of stories to tell about our region’s interesting people and villages, and the changes they have experienced during the years. As we are running short of other kinds of trips to take, we recommend you to time travel in some of our historical destinations with a professional guide. We guarantee that the journey will take you closer to the people that used to live here in the past, and that you’ll learn to see the signs of history around you. You can choose between a historical or a dramatized guided tour, check all the options here. Many of our guides are also open to proposals and are willing to customize your tour to fit your specific interests. With this in mind, don’t hesitate to contact Raseborg’s guide association directly.

In Raseborg you can also book a guide for outdoor activities, such as paddling trips and electric bike excursions with a guide. One popular option is also a boat tour in Ekenäs Archipelago National Park with a professional guide.

Guided tours are a safe and rewarding experience in uncertain times!

Events of the fall

Multiple kinds of autumn events are annually arranged in Raseborg, is the restrictions due to the pandemic allow it. From the event calendar of Raseborg you can check out all the upcoming events, see the link here. The events are also being listed in our Facebook site, so keep an eye on that too!

If the restrictions allow it, Raseborg’s cultural life is busy with different colorful events. Raasepori Pride is arranged on the third week of September, 13.-19.9, and the week will be full of events and activities celebrating equality and joy. Be also sure to keep an eye on the schedules of, for example, the Culture House Karelia in Ekenäs and TryckeriTheater in Karis. To keep you all cheered up even on rainy days, Raseborg has several museums and art galleries with changing exhibitions. After a day full fun activities, you can curl up in the comfy chairs of one of our two retro style cinemas, Bio Forum in Ekenäs or Bio Pallas in Karis.

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