Helsinki – Raseborg

Are you planning a trip from Helsinki to Raseborg, and wish to arrive by bike? We have designed a route that travels along peaceful roads and beautiful scenery, avoiding the busier main roads.

The route begins from the Kansalaistori Square in central Helsinki, pedaling along the Baana biking route. We continue through Lauttasaari along the cycleways close to Länsiväylä, all the way to Kivenlahti (21km). From Kivenlahti we bike along the cycle path on the southern side of the freeway until we reach Jorvas. After this, we head towards Kirkkonummi on the northern side of the Old Coastal road.

From the center of Kirkkonummi we head to Överbyntie, which changes its name into Eastern King’s Road after a few kilometres. This road is historically very interesting, since it’s a part of the ancient main road from the 14th century. The old King’s road traveled all the way from Bergen in Norway to Vyborg in Russia.
Before Pikkala the route turns right, crossing the Pikkala River (42km). We bike along Western King’s Bridge, which changes its name into Degernbyntie. This leads us to Degerby village, where you can visit for example the Degerby Igor museum (52km) or stop at the Degerby Deli shop and café.

After Degerby the journey continues along small asphalt roads on the northern side of the main road 51. The next stop is Inkoo, in which you can visit the beautiful harbor and have lunch in one of the restaurants. From Inkoo it’s approx. 4km of gravel road along Fagerbyntie until the next stop, the idyllic village of Fagervik.

After this, the route continues along King’s Road towards Snappertuna, where the Raseborg Castle Ruins (95km) are definitely worth visiting. From Snappertuna we head towards Ekenäs via Norrby Manor. If you want to avoid the gravel road between Snappertuna and Norrby, you should turn before Snappertuna to road 1103 (87km) towards Karis. On this route alternative you’ll bike along the main road 25 before reaching our final destination, Ekenäs.

Open the map with the app Ride with GPS and download a gpx-file for navigating: Via Karis / Via Snappertuna and Norrby

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