Need tips about what's going on in Raseborg this summer? Curious to see nice surroundings and enjoy events in Raseborg? Do you long for a trip to the archipelago or to our beautiful nature? Read more and download our pocket-size Summer Memo!


Did you know that Raseborg is the largest municipality in the Uusimaa region? Thea area streches over 100 kilometres from border to border, which also means that there is a lot to see and do in our beautiful small towns and villages. Luckily we have made it a little bit easier for you by picking out a slection of interesting events, exhibitions, museums, archipelago cruises, summer markets etc. in one handy Summer Memo. Download it, print it if you like and keep in you bag. Get your memo here: pdf The best of Raseborg 2017

Online event calendar

NOTE that our Summer Memo only covers a part of all the events in Raseborg, and that's why we strongly recommend, that you take a look at our online event calendar every once in a while. We get new events weekly, so keep your mind and eyes open! Browse the online event calendar here:

Wish to know more about what to see and do? Here's a list of quick links to different themes:

Tips och ideas
Events & exhibitons
Markets places and local food
Beaches & places to swim
The archipelago and archipelago cruises
Jussarö island and how to get there
Nature trails
Guides tours
Culture & history
Fiskars Village
Billnäs village
The small town of Ekenäs/Tammisaari by the sea
Svartå Manor
Raseborg Castle
Shopping & Handicrafts

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